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mail: jean.louis.lanet[at]free.fr

In a few words,

2021: retired now...

I joined INRIA- Rennes Bretagne Atlantique in September 2014 to be involved into the High Security Labs (LHS) until 2020.

I have been Professor at the University of Limoges (2007-2014) at the Computer Science department, where I lead the SSD team (Smart Secure Device). I was also associate professor of the University of Sherbrooke and I was in charge of the Security and Cryptology course of the USTH Master (Hanoi). My research interests include the security of small systems like smart cards, but also software engineering, malware analysis, hardware security. My researches are based on experimentation.

Prior to that, I was senior researcher at Gemplus Research Labs (1996-2007) the smart card manufacturer. During this period I spent two years at INRIA (2003-2004) as an engineer at DirDRI (Direction des Relations Industrielles) and senior research associate in the Everest team at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis. I got my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HdR) during the first INRIA period.

I was researcher at the Advanced Studies Labs of Elecma, Electronic division of the Snecma, now part of the Safran group. I've worked on hard real time techniques for jet engine control (1984-1995).

Sapere aude !

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