Aug 03, 2021


Lecture Notes




We have developed several softwares most of them are available under an open source license (CeCILL_V2).

Opal is a Java 6 library that implements Global Platform 2.x specification. It is able to upload and manage applet life cycle on Java Card. It is also able to manage different implementations of the specification via a pluggable interface.

Cap Map is a Java library which provides reading and modification about the Java Card CAP (Converted APplet) file. With it, you can change some fields of one (or more) component to your CAP file, compatible with Java Card 3.x Classic Edition specification, and our library regenerates this (in)valid file. Moreover, it is available with a plug-in for Eclipse.

The following software are not distributed under an open source licence.

Smart Analyzer is a static analysis tool which verify that a set of programming rules had been respected in a Java Card program. It is able to verify AFSCM rules on a CAP file format.

Smart Fuzz is a dedicated fuzzer for smart card. We have modeled several smart card protocols like BIP, Cat TP, BIP, HTTP... Attacks Labs, is a set of Java primitives dedicated to a particular attack on smart card. To built a publicly known attack you have just to call some methods. All the attacks are accessible through a labs.

Clic & attack, this GUI is an instance of the Attack Labs, it automatically detects the smart card inserted in the reader, checks an available attack, patches the card and proposes an intelligent editor to write inside the card a shell code.

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